Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Horrible piece of garbage

So, I have 2 children. A 3 year old named Alex, and my special 9 month old, Abigail. Alex and Abigail have different dads. Well, my son's father hasn't paid child support since July and even then, it wasn't very often. He hasn't seen my son in months and doesn't ever call to ask about him ever. Basically, he's nothing more than a sperm donor and doesn't care about Alex. Well, I found out he got a girl pregnant and I'm very, very pissed. He can't afford the one child he does have, yet he's having another. I let him know how stupid he his, then he decided to go off and call me and my child names. I don't care what he called me, his opinion doesn't matter, he's just garbage to me, but he called my daughter a retard. He said I love living off welfare and I just popped out a retard baby to live off welfare. Seriously?! I have to live on assistance because of my disabled child, I can't work because I can't put her in daycare or trust a sitter. I can't believe there are still ignorant people in the world who would make fun of a disabled child.

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  1. Some people just don't have a heart. Don't listen to him or let him get you down. He's not worth your time.

    I love her smile in that pic!